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Luther makes a pass at Dennis during a faculty luncheon, confirming Jack's suspicion about his ulterior motives.Dennis and Jack vent their frustrations with Luther by cutting down a totem pole that his sculpture students spent two semesters creating.Back at El Rancho, Mickey admits his feelings to Chelsea, and the two share a kiss.

22 year-old Jack Freeman is graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in art, and is hurting from a recent breakup with his ex-girlfriend Dina.

The Vandals performed original music for the film score, including the "Theme from Glory Daze" which plays during the opening credits.

"It's a Fact", from their then-upcoming album The Quickening, was included, and a music video was later released for the song featuring clips from the film.

Mickey is a cartoonist with a year of college still to go, and has feelings for their friend Chelsea but is too shy to reciprocate her affections.

Josh, aka "Slosh", had a promising academic future but failed out of college in favor of a life of drinking and working a series of menial jobs.

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